Precept Commercial Corporation Introduces New Brands

Precept Commercial Corporation introduces new brands for its granite, banquet and affordable insect control product lines.



Graniex is dedicated to bring in affordable granite stones for a select clientele with bulk requirements. It has served the requirements of Manila North Green Park and St. John Memorial Park.



With its complete line up of ‘party furniture,’ Fomozo is a one-stop shop  for banquet chairs, tables, dance floor, mobile stage, divider, chair and dance floor trolleys. Setting up a banquet place is now a breeze.



Providing a product line suitable for homes became the objective of why the Elektrik product line came into existence.  It’s new models,  Jolt and Vira were introduced last October 2014.  


A zapper type insect killer made of fire-retardant ABS plastic subtly called Jolt is an efficient insect control unit.  It uses UVA lamp to attract flying insects and zaps it with its electric grid.  It comes with a catch tray for hygienic disposal of the dead insects.  Plus its easy grip handle makes it perfect for any part of your home.

A discreet way of controlling insect infestation would be the Vira Insect Killer.  It is a decorative insect killer perfect for living rooms and other parts of the house where you don’t want the zapping noise of the a zapper insect killer. Similar to Jolt, it uses UVA lamp to attract flying insects and traps them on a glueboard. Vira’s stylish look and discreet trap for insect guarantees you with unsightly view of dead insects.