Chairs, tables, and mobile party stages. Nobody knows quality banquet furniture quite like Fomozo. Fomozo is another direct import from abroad. It’s the best name in the business with the best price in the market. Make your next banquet breathless with Fomozo. A reputable name in perfect banquets.

Direct Importer. Minimum order required.

Stage Ladder
Stage Ladder
Available in:  
2-step ladder 

P 8,000/ pc.


3-step ladder
P 9,000/ pc.
Mobile Stage
With red carpet

Available sizes:  

2440mm x 1828mm x 810mm
2440mm x 1828mm x 610mm
P 52,000/ pc.
*Skirting also available
Baby Chair
Banquet Chair
Banquet Chair  

P 3,900/ pc. 

*Cover also available
Rectangle Table

Size: 455mm (W) x 1830mm (D) x 760mm (H)

P 6,500/pc


Size: 915mm (W) x 1830mm (D) x 760mm (H)

P 7,500/ pc.

*Cover also available
Round Table

Size: 1525mm (D) x 760mm (H) 

P 8,000/ pc.


Size: 1830mm (D) x 760mm (H) 

P 10,000/ pc.

*Cover also available
Dance Floor

Size: 910mm (W) x 910mm (H)

Size: 500mm (W) x 1800mm (D) x 1820mm (H) 
Chair Trolley
Steel with red carpet

P 5,000/ pc.


Round Table Trolley
Steel with red carpet
P 16,000/ pc.