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  • Stylish and slim design for space efficacy in the home
  • Pre-installed UV tube and glueboard
  • Desk or wall mounted
  • UV Stable polycarbonate
  • Easy tool free access and efficient servicing
  • Light output from the top, front and both sides allows for a better catch rate


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In a world where hustle and bustle has become regular fare, it’s good to know that there are products out there you can rely on to make living the fast-paced life easier. Quality products that complement your kind of relentless drive. Products brought to you only by Precept Commercial Corporation.


Precept Commercial Corporation is a prime distributor of first-rate international merchandise to the local market. In its day to day business, it keeps one crucial thing in mind: Your lifestyle demands the best from you, and so you deserve the best the world has to offer. From breakthroughs that offer peace of mind to innovations that upgrade your personal and professional performance.


Since 1996, Precept has been Pushing the Standards of demand and satisfaction to match yours. It is a strict quality controller, a non-conforming trendsetter and a readily accommodating service provider of products beyond our shores, beyond your expectations.


In a world where the only road is the fast lane, take the path that leads you to us. Your brands are waiting for you at Precept Commercial Corporation.